Company history


  • 1997 CW Transportation Consultants & Logistics Control

    CW Transportation Consultants and Logistics Control were founded by John Finn in 1997.

  • 2007 LC Freight LTL

    As the Logistics Control Company was growing, it was evident to management that there was more that could be done to help smaller clients who were not well suited for a full on 3PL provider. In 2007, LC Freight was born. At that time, the company ony brokered LTL shipments at competitive rates.

  • 2012 LC Freight, LLC

    The LC Freight concept was a huge success. In 2012, LC Freight was separated from CW Transportation Consultants & Logistics Control. Operating independently, LC Freight began adding Truckload and Expedite to accompany it's LTL services.